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a prelude

From the unassuming cassette tape emerged a voice of wonder, captivating him completely.

He knew then that the source of such otherworldly beauty must hail from a world where music and art intertwined in the most magical ways.

He yearned to find her in his own world and experience the adventure of exploring it together, discovering new wonders and possibilities.


lofi love letter

LOFI DREAMERS are hybrid digital collectables that merge music NFTs with retro anime avatars.

Paying homage to nostalgic lofi beats and 80s/90s anime, every LOFI DREAMER comes with a handcrafted lofi beat produced by studio/AYA, who have created scores, beats, and soundscapes for the likes of HBO, Netflix, and Tencent.


frequently asked questions


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A handcrafted audiovisual collection that combine music NFTs with retro anime avatars on the ethereum blockchain. They serve as a unique digital persona and music+art collectables.

LOFI DREAMER's broader tales and universe are embodied by each character in the collection, whose stories and identities are waiting to be discovered.

What is the vision?

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We dream of a world where all musicians, artists, and creatives, are profitable.

Is there a discord?

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No, the home for our community is on twitter at the moment.

What IP rights do holders receive?

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Holders receive complete commercial art rights to Lofi Dreamers that they own.

What is the mint price, collection size, & mint date?

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Total Supply: 3333
Mint Date: SOON (Turn on notifications on twitter)
Mint Price: FREE